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Nyepi 2014

Nyepi is an example of the Public Holiday 2014 in Indonesia. Its observance date will take place on Monday, more precisely 31 March 2014. Nyepi, which can be described as The Day of Silence, is the beginning of the Bali year known as Caka. Nyepi is a religious ceremony that’s more lavish and bigger than any others. There’s a deep mythology that’s totally unique if compared to any other ones within the Indian sub-continent. Its origins can be dated back to the mythical periods of the Gods, evil spirits, witches and superheroes. There will be several ceremonial for the celebration of Nyepi Day, including Ogoh

Ogoh and Melasti.

This is the beginning of all the celebrations. It is celebrated by all the towns and villages in Bali. Symbolically, Nyepi is some kind of spring cleaning for Balinese people to get rid of evil spirits and get ready to face the next day. People will haul effigies of all the Gods into the rivers and seas as offerings and for the ritual bathing. They will also say prayers. For people just visiting, it’s just the beginning of the celebrations of Nyepi.

Ogoh ogoh can be explained as the moment for the first sighting of big papier-mache effigies of malicious monsters, as known as the terrifying Ogoh-Ogoh.

Ogoh Ogoh is carried throughout villages and towns in a traditional ritual to the disharmony of deafening drummers’ music, gamelan music, and claxons. Their idea is to generate as much noisy sounds as possible to scare off the whole evil spirits.

When the evening comes, those effigies will be ceremoniously burnt, and then followed by the communal debauchery in the night. Feasting, drinking and dancing are done in a fairly chaotic manner, all with the purpose of sending those evil spirits as far as possible.


Then it moves onto Nyepi that is totally different. After spending a full 24 hours of celebrations and individuals everywhere, the entire town will be completely deserted. The idea is to fool those evil spirits and make them believe that it is an empty town and Nyepi certainly makes the town look like that. About 3,000,000 people all are not around. They make their town appear like it was abandoned. You will not hear anyone around or see a person.

This is not the day for visiting or leaving Bali. It’s also not good idea to take a walk in this day. The airports are not operating. There’s no traveling allowed on Nyepi by any kind of motorized vehicle and even by foot. Moreover, household electricity must be turned off so that there’s no noise. The only ones who are outside the rule are people in emergency services.

The only individuals you can find outside are the Nyepi police, as known as Pecalang. They ensure there is no one else out, including tourists! They will politely and firmly escort individuals back to their hotels or homes. You won’t have access to food or water for the entire day.

For almost all tourists and foreigners, Nyepi might be a nuisance. However, it might also be a wonderful experience to see. Nyepi is an amazing moment to read a book, sleep, or do many things that does not involve traveling. Nyepi can also be a great day to spend time together with your relatives.


In case you have to face Nyepi when staying in Bali, you can go along with it and enjoy the rare relaxing moment. This might be a wonderful moment for people staying within the busiest areas, such as Kuta. Therefore you can get rid of the burdens and enjoy the peaceful day. Nyepi is certainly something original and different that you won’t see it anywhere else in this planet

Happy Nyepi 2014 in Bali

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